Aljoša Orlovič

Aljoša Orlovič - guitar

Since my chilldhood I can still remember, I'm attracted to all kinds of alternatives and differences.

Beginnings of my listening to alter music started with first leader band Metallica, which I was listening the most and playing on guitar their songs. I'm not so straitened about which kind of music do I listen, from classic to metal I don't care. If I like it I just listen to it. My friend Maček Gorazd invited me to the band he was playing in to see if I could play with and so I joined the band Scaffold in January 1999.

My life consists of few important things that I live for and those are: the band in which I play, playing the guitar, snowboarding, my passion for my free-

ride bicycle and of course my girlfriend Katarina which I love very much.