Anže Demšar

Anže Demšar - vocals

I was born in 1986 in Kranj, where I still live. I can’t find much worth mentioning in my life until the age of 14, when I started playing guitar and gained general interest in music. After a while, I began adding some weird screaming vocals to the hardcore riffs I was playing. My path to metal was leading me through grindcore, so my vocals became more and more like growling. I never imagined that it could be any good though. Soon I began listening to black and death metal. My inspirations were (or are now) Monstrosity, Satyricon, Zyklon, Naglfar, Sinister and many others. In 2003 I formed my first metal band named Penitenziagite where I still growl and play guitar. On one of our first gigs with Penitenziagite, we played with Scaffold, where they discovered my talent. After a while they've lost a singer, invited me to audition and obviously I cracked it.

Besides both bands I'm trying my luck on a computer science collage in Ljubljana. I spend the little spare time I have looking into a computer screen and with my girlfriend on weekends.