Gorazd Maček

Gorazd Maček - guitar

I was born on 29.5.1974 in Ljubljana. I was attending "Boris Ziherl" grammary school in Beľigrad, Ljubljana. After eight years of grammary school I went to construction high school "Ivan Kavčič", where I was learning to become a mechanic of heavy constructive mechanisation. After school I was called to army to barracks Ivana Cankarja above Vrhnika. After army I got a job at a construction company.

From childhood I've been listening to Slovene national music, for death metal I become enthusiastic in 1992 when I heard about DEICIDE and to them alike bands from Florida, which I like the most. In the year 1994 I joined band HELPLESS where we played trash metal. Then I was playing bass. After a few concerts the band

broke up and I joined band INFINITY. There also wasn't any luck. I sold my bass in 1996 and bought an electric guitar. At the beginning I was playing alone at home and in a rehearsal place where also band SCAFFOLD was rehearsing and in 2 months period I joined them. That was not trash metal band but we (Aleš, Robi and me) started to work on death metal, Florida style songs. With SCAFFOLD band I am from beginning of december, year 1997. After a few changes of members of the band, we started to play successfully. We also head quite some concerts in Slovenia, specially I have to mention Primorska where we were so great accepted, THANK YOU! And others also thanks. We played also in Zagreb which is in our foreign county Croatia.

We will continue playing DEATH Metal and I hope for more greate response we head on concerts till now.