Italian Metal Compilaton

Bands & Tracklist:
01 DISARM GOLIATH “No Moon No Power” - (Classic Metal from UK)
02 VEXED “Delirium Shades”- (Black Thrash from Italy)
03 CASTRUM “Painful Sighs In Castrum” - (Death Metal from Ukraine)
04 GODLESS NORTH “Dark Skies Over Vinland” - (Black Metal from Hell)
05 HONEY FOR CHRIST “Glutton of Misery” - (Heavy Metal from Nothern Ireland)
06 VASTATOR “Cybernetic Heartbeat” - (Power Thrash from Chile)
07 HORIFIXION “Maze of Mind” - (Thrash Metal from Canada)
08 DARK RISE “Breakdown” - (Death Metal from Switzerland)
09 INNER HELVETE “Born From the Spilled Blood of Mayhem” - (Black Metal from Portugal)
10 VALHALLA “The Sword Of My Father” - (Epic Metal from Austria)
11 KONTATTO ESTREMO “Like A Hurricane” - (Heavy Metal from Italy)
12 ENCRYPTION “Lambda Core” - (Power Metal from Germany)
13 SCAFFOLD “Crush the Rules” (Live) - (Death Metal from Slovenia)

Total running time 1:17:21

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