Robert Kovačič
Robert Kovačič- drums

This is my story and I hope will motivate at least one person to become a musician.

I was born on 14.02.1977 in Murska Sobota (North-East Slovenia). Music has been my companion since I was a little kid. My mom has played an accordian and has listened to the music the whole time.
I was always attracted to large variety of instruments, but I liked percussion and piano the most. In elementary school I hadn`t been playing any instruments, but I had a lot of hobbies; roller skateing, gymnastics, dancing, aquaristics... I had a very happy childhood.

In 5th and 6th grade I listened to 50's, 60's and 70's music but it hadn't stayed that way. This was

just a stepping stone for developing my true taste of music in 7th grade. I started to listen to bands like: METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, MEGADETH, ... and later on followed thrash metal bands like SLAYER, TESTAMENT, FORBIDDEN,.... I came across death metal in 1992/93 and have stayed loyal to it since then, specially the bands : DEATH, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, OBITUARY, MONSTROSITY, CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION... Nowdays I still listen to all kinds of metal bands and I seek inspiration in them. Besides metal I can also relate to classics (Carl Orff, Holst, Mozart, Vivaldi, Tchaucovsky, Rimski-Korsakov...) and folk / spiritual music from India and other folk music from all over the wolrd.

Through discovering and relating to all this music, I wanted to become a musician although I didn`t know which instrument to play. I started to play drums, then I changed my mind and tried with guitar... but not for long. I quit shortly after, because I discovered I belong to the drum set. Guitar playing is still my hobby.

With Martin Pečar, a friend-guitarist, we put together a band but unfortunately I didn't own a real drum set. So I had to improvise:
- bass drum: paint bucket with blanket in it and covered with another one ( I wasn't playing with my foot but I used my hand)
- snare drum: I collected nails and screws, I put them into metal box and lay it into another paint bucket and then I attached little metal box under the top of the bucket.
- toms: 3 paint buckets filled with different amounts of water; bucket with a lot of water sounded low...

I got my first, my real drum set in April '94, and the band stayed the same SCAFFOLD biography. I still play in that band although it has changed form through all these years. Besides the band I am like a father to SCAFFOLD considering I have been there from its creation. I also gave a piece of me to a band, now known as Dusk Delight and played with a girl band Noxious Beauty (industrial metal) for a short while and we will see how things go on about that. I also played in brutal death metal band called Necrosed (besides Scaffold my favourite where I was able fully expressed myself) and had a project dedicated to Death and Chuck Schuldiner called NoFear. I had a short cooperation with Lupus and Noctiferia.

I felt the time has come to a point where I can pass my drumming knowlege on to other people, so I started with tutoring drum lessons. If you might be intrested, check my official site

Music has changed my life and despite strenuous moments it is one of the fuels that keeps me going on.