Tadej Cholewa

Tadej Cholewa - bass

I was born in Ljubljana on 28th of february 1981. I spent most of my early childhood in my older brothers room listening to Iron Maiden and Motorhead records (instead of kids songs) - that probobaly left a mark in my taste in music. In my teenage years my taste in music got heavier, bands like: Slayer, Sepultura, Death, Obituary, Napalm death... Later on I got more in to NY death metal (Immolation...). I still like all of them and even bands like Tristania.

Most of my family is musicly inclined (since my great great great grand father), so it was just the matter of time when I would pick up an instrument. I bought my first bass in 2000 and began to learn on my own. A few months later I started my band which lacked productivity so it fell appart. About a

year later I joined a band called Skullcrusher (thrash metal). After a few years I started to look for another band so when the opportunity came by, to join Scaffold in 2005, I took it (or better: they took me). And if you're wondering about my private life: I'm married and in a band - that's it.